Figure Wang and Tianjin webmaster to explore operations

May 21st, the founder of the webmaster network map by the Tianjin Software Industry Association Internet application branch invitation, in the official QQ group: 39241075 in Tianjin with the webmaster to operate as the theme of the research online discussion.

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two hours of time, graph king commercial websites online and offline promotion, soft Wen promotion by way of example and Tianjin station of interaction, the atmosphere is very warm, we all have different levels of feel benefit. Figure the king invited stationed official QQ group, launched closer exchanges with Tianjin Internet people at any time.

Tianjin Software Industry Association Branch of Internet application by the Tianjin local portal, news websites, industry websites, personal websites, Internet software companies, telecom operators, print media and other components of the official Internet Organization, January 2007 – Tianjin city alliance singleformsandconcrete network owners began to cooperate, through this activity will also be with the stationmaster net the establishment of a more close and long-term cooperation and win-win plan.

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