Planning scheme of marketing people’s Hutong website

is accompanied by a new era of 2008 century take-off. The dragon is about to take off in the East, marketing Chinese Hutong – marketing alliance network hot line sweeping vast land, seas raging like a storm. Ha ha.. Exaggerated point..


Marketing – marketing alliance network Chinese hutong is a part of marketing service system for Guangxi people to build marketing occupation alliance excellent portal – the marketing – Marketing China alley alliance network is committed to the Chinese marketing professionals to provide one-stop marketing services, including marketing information, marketing and business case assistant, members of the community, the supply and demand of products, online TV, movies, etc. to combine learning and entertainment content. Full service in China 65 million marketing people, dedicated to the League of Chinese professional marketing elite. China’s largest marketing alliance. It is the target of marketing people – the goal of the Chinese marketing alliance network.

sincere intersection, unity and cooperation is our principle to treat all members of the union. Marketing people alley – China Marketing Alliance Network – all for the alliance members, is our purpose. For all alliance members. Channel basic policy – service, coordination, incentive; management, supervision and control. Channel management culture — take the demand as the guidance, take the win-win as the goal; take the quality as the core, take the service as the method. Channel competition culture – advocate macro alliance, adhere to the coordination of competition in the development of competition, win-win cooperation. Channel product culture – to achieve the quality of trust, to enhance the value of the brand to create differences in innovation, to win the cost of competition. Channel market culture – the customer is the market, people is the market. Channel marketing culture – popular, "camp", "sales" as a supplement, and ultimately complement each other.

marketing is the second alley alliance has its relatively complete portal – now marketing – marketing alliance China Hutong network has a lot of information, including the case of alley alley, the supply and demand of newspaper, the residents of the community, mental massage parlors, online television and film of occupation timely, interactive the multiple channels, through all aspects of a full range of services to China marketing professionals, marketing elite to a healthy and lively, positive online home. Marketing people – China marketing alliance network has a long-term, sustainable development planning. Has a very strong technical backing and promotion.

brief introduction:

alley: always providing sales leads, news of the ten major industries, all kinds of media information related to marketing etc.. Professional and authoritative;

training alley: including the theory of marketing, sales experience, marketing case; training institutions, the new curriculum content marketing. Column expert experience is rich, let us learn sex strong;

report: supply and demand across the country contains a lot of marketing resources, product information. Seize the opportunity, is tantamount to the beginning of a victory.

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