How to promote the sales of blog marketing

blog marketing many companies are doing, in real life, business customers can not come to say. But if companies build a blog, you can create tools on the blog, open channels for enterprise sales, mining customers.

enterprises through the blog, can effectively increase the awareness of the network, allowing users to Baidu, Google and other search engines to find our company. The amount of customers Xiaofeng software company brought by the blog marketing very impressive, of course the majority of these customers is not directly through the blog to blog, but a lot of things introduced here, for the company to bring the indirect effect of the customer is very good. We publish the lottery website program related content, the system introduces the function of the software, you can also answer questions in the form of answers to the questions of the reader. Of course, this is a certain process, not just a visitor on the promotion of the product, the need to gradually establish a relationship with the tourists, the simple visitors into customers.

How to

enterprise blog marketing, in order to attract more potential customers to our website, I from the lottery website program product blog marketing experience, do blog marketing from the following points to help enterprises.

1, the blog made the extension of the company’s website.

blog to become the company’s website extension, not to say that the blog as the company’s marketing station to do. Take us to do lottery website program products, if a blog station is the product of promotional information, so visitors will be greatly reduced. We do blog marketing is in the blog, reasonable natural join us lottery information, but also to the identity of the third party to share some of our software Xiaofeng true and useful information and visitors. This way the user through the blog to our company has a preliminary impression, indirectly guide the user to search our brand, this is also an effective way to promote the brand.

2, solve problems or share resources, do not lure visitors.

enterprise blog construction, do not as a marketing station to do business, the positioning of the blog should focus on solving customer problems or share your resources. If we do lottery website program, the construction of the blog can not induce visitors to buy products suspected. Blog construction is the first to solve the problem of visitors, with loyal visitors, and slowly add some of the company’s product promotion, the focus is to convey information to the heart, not to lure visitors to buy products.

what is the content of the blog to write about how to use the "Q & a" or "FAQ" as a "shadow"". Q & a content to do what, you can consult with the product sales staff, the customer is concerned about what is the problem, what good advice. In addition, you can view blog search records, see which keywords people use to access the site, so the user real problems to be solved and the common problems of our lottery website program product combination, this blog content is to consider the user experience, can the propaganda enterprise products.

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