The subversion of the traditional Chinese New Year gift mode digital power PK naobaijin

spring festival gifts under the guise of depending on several major health care products manufacturers have been gifts sent to health to completely covered, the author found that at a time when the Spring Festival approaching, some health care products advertising campaign is more violent, "melatonin" and "gold partner" and "21 Jin He" of the TV ads you sing me on stage, bombarded, sometimes I see a small old man that melatonin ads nausea, did not expect to have to table, another TV, or put the melatonin advertising, we can see them in the advertising pen hand much, I believe that in the long run "truth behind these advertising is what I want to say, do not support, we must also know that these health care products with large profit space in support.

data shows that melatonin’s reputation is only half of the popularity of the more general. What does this show? This shows that melatonin promised to improve sleep, improve intestinal function effect, after consumers experience, there is a considerable distance from trust; efficacy and back and buy long-term consumer loyalty melatonin may be few; brain platinum is the loss of consumer groups. It’s not just these. Because, that is not how the melatonin consumers spread their views on melatonin in one’s own circle. You can imagine, old customers are increasingly losing melatonin, melatonin can go far with what is worrying?.

naobaijin "(send) gifts (also) (send) received only gifts melatonin" concept, the achievements of the melatonin market miracle, but also brings harm to melatonin. Obviously, the concept of gifts for health care products such as melatonin, is a crippled double-edged sword. We think, facing the gift idea far more than the young state, and even the annihilation of health products "the functional demands of melatonin, the heart can not help but doubt consumers" naobaijin only know desperate propaganda themselves gifts, while ignoring the effectiveness of publicity of their own, is not the effect was not good idea? ". Today, melatonin gift concept has already been deeply rooted in people’s mind, even if you want to own melatonin which is simply the fact that reverse is not an easy thing.

we send gifts in addition to "melatonin" and "gold partner" and "21 Jin He," is there no other choice? Is it only to send these kind of gifts, old people can feel a decent favor? I had a telephone interview some of their friends, colleagues and relatives and elders:

elder: during the Spring Festival last year received melatonin, gold partner and other similar health care products more than 100 boxes, on the one hand, after this kind of health care products using essentially what do not have a very significant effect, in addition, they simply don’t end, are generally used in relatives and friends to turn, recently saw a television in a 21 gold dimension he advertising slogan is: reluctant to transfer a good gift, I do not. The phone, uncle’s words impressed me no way, now these things advertising bombing so badly, the younger generation who thought we would love, send these bags. "

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