Live did not stop the bike again reflected off, OFO led the two major investment boom in 2016

venture capital magazine has recently published an article, the article pointed out: this year the industry is very fragmented investment, more fire industry, focused on the two categories of live and bicycles.

titanium media through collected and summarized in the fortieth week of 2016 125 investment events, the week focused on the domestic investment, the field of education; the still to live, but O2O led by OFO capital of the heat cycling frenzy continue to erupt.

no doubt, live air outlet has not stopped, the bike again. Then, through winds fast after takeoff, broadcast industry to reflect off as the representative and the current hot OFO how will continue to force the


from the live broadcast to the OFO passenger "air"

according to China Securities Network reported that the mobile broadcast market has been born over 200 live applications. Data show that as of June 2016, the size of the network has reached 325 million users, accounting for the overall Internet users of the size of this continues to rise in the past 45.8%. Meanwhile, China securities network report also said that the impact of the broadcast has more than in the area of mass entertainment, the future is expected to become the standard configuration of the industry.

2016 known as the first year of China’s webcast, a large number of capital into. According to the expected CRE securities, 2020 Chinese webcast of the market size will exceed 100 billion yuan.


According to the

Quest Mobile released MAU APP network broadcast industry trend, reflecting off a year was established in June of this year has exceeded YY, and led the first echelon Betta live broadcast platform. Talking Data released the 2016 mobile video live application industry report shows that in May this year, the audience will be active in the rate of 0.73% to occupy the top of the mobile video live applications Top20. Analysys and "July 2016 mobile APP TOP1000 ranking list, reflected in the top class live video class APP. Reflect the typical explosive growth, can be said to represent the status of the domestic broadcast industry.

then, then take a look at the new direction of the wind – the city bike.

at the end of September, v-mobile bicycle completed C round of financing, financing amounted to $100 million; in October 8th, Xiaoming cycling has announced the completion of $100 million A round of financing in October 10th, OFO series; bike sharing announced the completion of $130 million C round of financing, the completion of the 5 round of financing in less than a year, including a bit of travel round C1 strategy tens of millions of dollars of investment and the newly announced C2 round of financing.

The growth rate of

OFO should be able to use the "Thunderbolt" to describe. 36 krypton had published an article, the breakdown of a number of reasons why OFO will become a phenomenal company.

these reasons include: cut in angle, select from

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