nterpretation of website traffic conversion rate (two)

is a popular metaphor, enterprise website is a user centric kind convenient window, as the district where the canteen, it can meet the needs of more than households around the downtown shopping malls supermarkets, and more quickly and directly, can help people understand enterprise value proposition, find the desired product or service enterprise website construction, only the usability and interface aesthetics of both, can be called "the atmosphere".

To solve the problem of atmospheric

website, and then to discuss to improve the conversion rate of second important issues, is to build "online marketing platform", generally speaking, the "online marketing platform" is a systematic project, including the "WEB instant messaging, SMS, email, phone, voice and video online CRM system, etc..

WEB instant messaging tool mainly refers to the online customer service, online customer service is a two-way communication tools, visitors can take the initiative to communicate with the enterprise customer service, customer service enterprises also can ask for visitors, or actively talking to send invitation, to help visitors solve problems. Enterprise customer service and between visitors, through continuous communication, to sign the contract the use of high-quality regularly send product information, business news, holiday greetings, promotion information online service.

according to the survey data show that 85% of the visitors are through the initiative to contact the enterprise, and access to the required information. Survey data also show that visitors can not be timely online communication and exchanges, more than 98.5% of the potential users on the site was lost. Just passively waiting for visitors to call and door, the site can only catch 1.5% of the visitors. Thus, the construction of online marketing platform to improve online customer service can effectively improve the conversion rate.

to build a good online marketing platform, it is necessary to develop a complete set of online marketing programs". Practice has proved that the tailor-made "online marketing plan" can greatly enhance their traffic conversion rate will actually will flow into official order. At the same time, it also sets up a good brand image of enterprise in information management. Now some domestic companies have provided a "online marketing program", "marketing platform trial" one-stop service.

China nets (www.nuo.cn) business experts suggest that companies develop online marketing solutions, through consulting professional network planning company, analysis, website diagnosis system for web site operators, network marketing, personnel training and other services. At the same time, it can help the enterprise to monitor the effect of the whole network marketing implementation phase.

currently has a certain scale of the enterprise has hired a full-time network of talent to do business within the enterprise e-commerce platform. Some companies are invited to the industry veteran of the long-term part-time to do business network marketing consultant. Specializes in website production, network promotion and advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), web site operators are the first choice for enterprises.

a web site is like a person, reasonable information architecture is the skeleton, rich and vivid information content is flesh >

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