nternet development education industry, where the wind

information technology is an epoch-making revolution, the rise of the Internet has achieved the development of network education and training services, domestic large and small education sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out of this fat, the education and training market has attracted many domestic wind capitalists.

runs a website, first of all according to their own resources and funds to accurately select the appropriate areas to carry out Internet business, the rise of the Internet industry education lessons, the author thinks that the education and training industry itself has a traditional periodic, public education and knowledge absorption requires a process, because some training class the site in the development of education, should be closely combined with characteristics and characteristics of the Internet industry, and used to meet the system platform user language development right.

as the saying goes, men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. The current education and training site’s business model is a business website, behind have the support of stable funds and technology, this kind of website target user group in a group; I want to say here is another kind of commercial websites by corporate investment, its content relates to education information service education, training, value-added services etc.. The above, educational websites management requires a long process, the ecological industry chain is long, large scale industry, on the site location should fully understand the characteristics of the market, find gaps in industry, in order to make the operation more targeted.

one, in order to meet the needs of users for the purpose of improving the website based network services

A major feature of

education website is to deliver relevant training information to the public, providing all kinds of learning resources and training services, the majority of the target user group is a major factor in attracting investors, and operators to provide relevant educational information, educational resources, application service charging method is simple and stable.

at the same time, we should strengthen the development of the service system in the station, take the line and the combination of the road, organize all kinds of education and training resources, improve the integrity and reliability of application services.

two, the development and use of web based video teaching system is an important step in the development of educational websites.

is now on the implementation of the Ministry of education paid tutor after the detention, a mode of online education for parents to value, but the premise is the website platform to establish their own brands in the industry, the innovation of teaching achievement, teaching mode is a good profit point. The object of this kind of service is broad, with everybody’s interest as the premise, can accept this kind of education more.

three, the entity’s e-commerce model

Chinese Internet users are also very recreational and leisure activities, there are more and more people slowly settling down from entertainment, for example, they began to shop, began to use the Internet to learn. Changes in the concept of Internet users to accelerate the pace of e-commerce, the development prospects of e-commerce education is also optimistic. Sales of educational products through online transactions, including educational assembly, educational resources, educational supplies, including teaching resources, teaching equipment, teaching equipment

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