How to conduct product analysis based on industry and business

why do I stress that PM should focus on product analysis based on industry and business?


business is really important. There is an article before the beginning of the business, product interaction is not as important as you imagine, select the business model, rapid iteration, in order to allow a product to live. It is not to say that functional logic and interaction are not important. In fact, functional logic and interaction are the basic functions of a product. But do products and people are the same, the direction and guidelines are not a big problem, is the premise of healthy growth.


followed by

from our personal point of view, a primary PM attack to intermediate or advanced PM path, is from the perspective of interaction to business, to think about the problem from the angle of the. We are accustomed to using the "user experience" in the hierarchy of product design elements — strategic layer, layer, structure layer, scope framework layer and the presentation layer, PM just started to write many of the primary competitive analysis, come directly from the structure of the beginning, after writing the framework layer, the layer, it is to take into account the strategic level and scope of the layer. However, if you want to have a deep understanding of the design of a product, you should start thinking from the strategic level, in order to effectively understand and guide the following levels. This is a middle and senior PM should have the awareness and ideas – your responsibility and your vision is linked.


every Internet product is a business model in the mobile phone in miniature. Of course, a few years ago when the most intense bubble, perhaps the product itself how to play. However, the bubble of the virtual economy now needs to be connected to the real economy, even if we do Internet products, but also clear: do not make money. We are in the industry, this year, whether it is the company’s strategy or recruitment (or job hopping), I believe there will be some feelings.

product analysis structure

said why, then look at this product analysis can be divided into several categories. We can easily split into two categories:

do a thorough analysis of a product;

to do a thorough analysis of a problem, this problem may be an industry topic, it may be a product of the topic.

1, to do a thorough analysis of a product

the first case, can be applied to the analysis of the structure is relatively fixed. Generally speaking, we need to have an understanding of the global industry (that is, industry background situation), then it is important to note that this product into the timing (phase of small environment and competitive situation), different environment at different time after you face, you need to consider in this environment and small environment this product, user groups, and how to meet the needs of users, before how to realize the problems of the product structure. Here and a lot of people to write a similar product analysis, if there is energy, you can also go to the details of the interaction, >

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