From the question and answer to a wider road

hospital network marketing practice, the word of mouth effect is very important, what kind of hospital, how to treat what. These problems are generally understood or just understand the hospital but do not quite understand, this time is the buyer’s hesitation, as long as a few people come out to play a good help, the transaction becomes. Asking questions is a way of doing things. Generally speaking, Baidu know ranking is good, 39 healthy question and answer credibility is stronger. What is the question, how to do? Say some unfair, usually ask question and answer, or find someone to ask, or by proxy ip. Do not adopt the answer immediately adopted, over one or two days and then adopted, otherwise the time aroused suspicion of visitors. The adoption of late, answer more people, the problem has the weight, easy to get ranking is not easy to delete. The adoption of their good answers to the best, not too obvious, and do not say it can produce many practical benefits, in my opinion, discussing things because of their lack of inner sense of reality, no matter how flexible, there are always some small flaws, at least there is a sense of lying. If the answer is OK, otherwise, the search engine doesn’t love, visitors see also don’t believe, like some classified information as to make a impression.

good question and answer and produce good results is not easy. Good answer not only have a sincere intention, and have practical value, but also has the skill of tact. Good answer can be persuasive concise statement appalling, also can use different IP for different responses against.

in fact, from the perspective of user needs, we can ask questions and answers. Q: what is the answer?. In Baidu post bar and forum, we answer the question of the ID name to write, you can be the entity name, you can also be the main product features. We provide information consulting service honest, because the information is carefully made by heart, there is a certain demand value, will naturally need to click on our ID, and then step by step to understand our situation, then play a propaganda effect. Not only have the impression, the input name will promote hospital visitors diligent search. If it is a regional hospital, we focus on the question and answer region, but also should be flexible, can also answer some foreign city, because foreign visitors to IP will make your site more widely, at least IP can increase website traffic, increase the correlation and universality, it is good the rankings included.

do not answer, for quantity, quality is always an important proportion, the only way to achieve sustainable development, and to realize the effect of once in a way. Take the development of China now, China’s rapid development? GDP explain everything. GDP what is it? Water is not big? GDP seems to be a quantity, quality, God knows.

answer the question, first of all, their own answer to be serious, the answer is indeed not worse than others. Answer the same question with different IP or vest, improve exposure rate, make a convincing impression, make or > two

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