Tan roots the blog marketing enterprise purpose and four main modes

blog marketing has been a lot of talk about the topic, as an important tool for the promotion of the network, the importance of the blog is self-evident. But according to the observation of Tan roots, in fact, the majority of business blog marketing is carried out very successful, spend a lot of manpower and resources, but not what harvest. We believe that in order to make the blog marketing, we must first understand the key role of the blog system and the advantages and disadvantages of blog marketing, blog marketing, the purpose of the model, the blog marketing and dissemination of the nature.

Tan roots in each big web blog platform also opened a number of blogs, although there is no key to the operation and maintenance, but the effect is also good, we share some of my ideas and experience.

what is a blog? Blog classification?

Baidu encyclopedia is the definition of Blog: blog and translated into the network log, blog or tribal Ge, etc., is a kind of usually by personal management, the occasional posting new articles website. Thus, we can think that the blog is actually a website.

blog can be divided into two categories, one is in the major blog platform to open the blog, and the other is an independent domain name, independent space, independent program blog. For the second category, in fact, is a web site, the characteristics of various sites are. We discuss the first category, how to use blog platform to carry out blog marketing. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to blog, such as: the boss or the company’s semi official semi official blog, corporate customer service Blog, corporate product blog, corporate internal blog, personal blog, etc..

The advantages and disadvantages of

enterprise blog and enterprise website

first, with the help of the crowd flow enterprise blog platform, can quickly reach a certain promotion effect, so the effective period is short, but don’t rely on the enterprise website; secondly, the enterprise website blog relatively low cost, does not require the domain name space, a lot of beautiful design cutting layout and program development, only need to blog space simple design decoration can use some pictures; third, the enterprise blog operation is relatively simple, only need one and concurrently write some contents can be more interactive; fourth, blog, with the language more lively and vivid, more timely feedback, and the development of the interactive function of enterprise website is relatively complex; fifth there are a variety of blogs and blog platform tools, promotion tools you can use this convenient operation; sixth, the blog content than the enterprise network More extensive, such as the company’s small news, some humorous jokes, hot comments, etc., can be used as an auxiliary content.

enterprise website blog but relatively there are also some disadvantages, such as: the authority is not enough, anyone can register a "XX official blog", so the authority, credibility is not enough, it is easy to be fake imitation; platform dependence is strong, weak and independent blog platform, the circle has limitations, it is difficult to full network coverage, so that operations in the same period, investment, blog asset accumulation than single enterprise.

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