Star space how to operate

we know that no matter what we do to do QQ space, micro-blog WeChat, or the other, our main thing is to operate. So what is the role of operations for each number,


first: can quickly increase the amount of fans

when it comes to fans, we know that whatever you’re playing now, you’re playing fan economy. Many of us would like to talk about how much we have in our friends. Some of us will say that I have millions of fans or something, and that’s possible. For example, I have a WeChat public number, there are one hundred thousand of each number of fans, then I have a fan of the 1 million. Therefore, the fans are very important for us, this is directly related to our late earnings, the number of our earnings mainly depends on the amount of our fans.

so how should we increase our fans and how to do the content?

first of all we must be clear that we are not the same as the star space and ordinary space, so that we need to improve the content and other space can not do the same. So what do I have? First of all, to talk about our material source:

1 micro-blog

micro-blog is our main battlefield, our source of material is to rely on our micro-blog. Because each star has its own micro-blog. That’s why we don’t have to be a star micro-blog. In micro-blog we can find a lot of their dynamic, we can directly copy the contents of the hair in our space. Here, we should pay attention to is that we must update the content in a timely manner, do not have one or two days before we go to the hair, so we need to pay attention to the dynamics of micro-blog. At the same time, we can still comment on some of these micro-blog content, such as our QQ number, which is still able to attract some of the fans to pay attention to. This may cause a reason, so that our content and the content of micro-blog repeat. Fans in the first time to see these contents in micro-blog, and then see the contents of your space inside, completely repeat, unable to achieve the appropriate forwarding and reading. Therefore, the timeliness of the message is very important for us.

2 other QQ number

we know that the space to do a star is not only a person you are doing, you may do a lot of people. So this is a good thing for us. Our material can be directly from the inside of these numbers, we can set up special attention, once the dynamic can immediately know. What kind of content do they send what we send.

3 video site

video site is a good choice, we can choose the entertainment section in the video site, there may be something we want. For example

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