On the promotion strategy of local talent network

new year, wish you to have a new start, a stick body, a happy family, we also need the above conditions to a lot of money on the internet. Well, access to some time ago by a friend and A5 intermediary city purchased a local talent network, before they do stand are more wrong door line, with the last time the Internet crackdown, so want to get some regular stations on the A5 website to sell forum search area whether there is compliance with the requirements of their own station, in fact is not going to buy talent network, in the forums around for a few days, can not find what you want, suddenly saw someone in the sale of Xiamen talent network, because I was in Xiamen, it points into contact and sell the home, found the seller is also the city, and talked to him for a few days, they decided to buy his station, I was very grateful to the friends in the purchase and give me a lot of help. After buying, I would like to promote a number of local talent network solutions, here to share with you.

first, get in touch with the local university. Because I was still in college, and so the school employment guidance department contact is relatively easy, open recruitment, in their own school course, the school open recruitment site is not required fees, because the school itself should convene some companies to recruit graduates of your school in the past practice, we do not only can help the school to save some time and money, but also to help the school to improve the employment rate of graduates, the school is willing to believe itself, we get in touch with some enterprises as long as the company, that we had come, after a time to the school open recruitment, not only for their own websites to improve visibility, but also a lot of traffic, as the main force of university graduates is talent network flow, don’t forget the fair recruitment of printing, not only can In order to earn some corporate advertising costs, but also allows more college students to remember their own website.

second kinds of advertising in local universities. Many universities have erected billboards, some safety knowledge or knowledge of fire class brand, there are a lot of advertising, and school related departments to contact the business, the school is very support the students start their own business, if not their own school students, the school is not advertising position very expensive, (I asked our school advertising position, a billboard 1 *1.5 meters a month only 300 dollars, I think this is advertising in the most economic and effective) and now work hard to find ways, university graduates will seize every employment.

third kinds of advertising through local advertising companies. The TV station stops, etc. those expensive advertising position we will not discuss, I said a more economic and effective position, there are many office buildings in the city, office building elevator also many, those are some of the workers, some are dissatisfied with their work, and the elevator is every day they must pass through the place, take the elevator in addition to something, there seems to be no other things you can do, and >

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