Three realms of network marketing

      learn from the realm of Chinese master Wang Guowei said, we taste the three realms of network marketing.    

      state: energy-saving, alone on the high rises, the horizon road    

      interpretation 1: do not know what to do    

      network marketing is the only way for small and medium-sized enterprises, which has gradually been widely recognized. However, how to calculate the success of network marketing, the problem in the history of the development of network marketing has a different answer. From the early days of network marketing is to do a website, then the network marketing is to do the promotion, to today’s network marketing is the "platform + promotion + conversion", for the understanding of the network marketing has gradually matured.    

      every day a new business began to know the term marketing network, is bound to experience "do not know what" this stage, it is normal.

      interpretation 2: do not know how to do

      enterprises in the fuzzy understanding of network marketing, "do not know what to do" and "do not know how to do" are often intertwined. Unfamiliar with the Internet and the network marketing their technical difficulties, but also blocked the company’s deep understanding of network marketing. This is the direct impact of breeding a lot of "Huyou" network marketing services, network marketing market prosperity is doomed to more or less there is a bubble.    

      in the realm of the enterprise is not a few, they are in urgent need of network marketing service providers to guide and standardize the market order. People often disdain to talk about fighting in the frontline of network marketing sales and service force, but that is only pawn companies. As everyone knows, this is the most basic network marketing cells, is the cornerstone of the entire network marketing business, is to help the majority of SMEs into the realm of higher network marketing push hands.    

      level two: my end is no regrets, pining away to

      interpretation 3: defeated

      happy people are always similar, but unfortunately they are different. The current network marketing market should be said is still in a very early stage, far from mature. Eager to open up the network marketing business, often have to go through the

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