The importance of original content to SEO

we all know, in order to rank higher in the search results page, the content must be the one and only, but how unique we can say? From the creative perspective of content, we must know the duplicate content in the end what it means, and to understand the impact of SEO could produce.

we’ll talk about how to make content unique in the eyes of web crawler, as well as the dangers of repeated content on the site.

The uniqueness of

content, whether from the perspective of SEO or content marketing perspective, this is very important. For the purpose of SEO, search engines like to filter out what they think is duplicate, and exactly the same thing. They never want to show you that a set of results is exactly the same as the article, or in essence the same three segments are repeated using the same photo embedded in the article. This may be because the content has been recognized by the parties. In this regard, the news providers do a lot. It could have been someone who stole and stole a piece of it; it might just be because some people submitted the same article in different parts of the network to make it acceptable. In any case, search engines try to filter out this type of behavior. They don’t want to see them, because they know that users will be satisfied with this, "if I don’t love this site on the results of third such results are I might not love display on other websites. So they try to filter these things.

from the SEO’s point of view, it is very important for content creators to understand what this means, what does it mean, and how I want to be unique?."

first of all I want to say, when we discuss the uniqueness of the content, when we discuss how the search engine to look at this content, we are only willing to mention a unique material on a web page. This does not include navigation, footer, sidebar ads, etc..

I have a page model here, you will exclude all things: identification, navigation, sidebar. This person might put some ads in the sidebar. Perhaps, they have got a piece of their own, on the right hand side of a large text. They say: "I have only a few lines of text and a picture on this page, and maybe a few points. Is this unique compared to other pages that look the same except for some of the content? Are you worried, "Oh, no! My content is too small for the page."". For this, I will not worry too much, as long as you are doing the right thing. We will discuss some of them. The second point is that uniqueness is applicable to both internal and external resources. Copying any one can be a hassle. It may be that there are other pages on your site, or on the other side of the web where there are pages, and you get those from other places on your site. In either case, this would be a problem. Internal repeat if it is sufficiently small >

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