Taking advantage of the marketing is more suitable for popular literature or art As the contemporary

saw an article praising "Lan Xiang" marketing occasion manuscript, Lan Xiang will be down to earth successfully marketing a comprehensive analysis, we in the "praise" Lan Xiang down to earth when the popular literature or art marketing, rather than in the grass root culture, marketing must also access the user more acceptable psychology ", and taking advantage of the marketing seems to be with the grass root culture go the most intimate.

entertainment most fire Feng Fei love event, a piece of the fire by Nicholas Tse to Faye Wong and his ex-wife Cecilia Cheung derived from the different attitudes of topic: "men do, just depends on your love components" and the topic of love long, a commonplace talk of an old scholar of love is love story, the entertainment world events once again become the people respected the truth of love. A lot of enterprises, brand marketing for the occasion to make simple copy this moment "amazing" on love, plus the product of self implantation. This kind of marketing occasion, if we put it as the lowest level, simple homeopathic marketing, then senior intelligent marketing occasion number will be "Lan Xiang": people have been familiar with the simplified peak Faye, skillfully transferred to self brand. Lan Xiang marketing approach is adopted by the calculation of the age difference Feng Feng led to this matter of Cecilia Cheung, the psychological shadow of the shadow of the excavator, and then to fill the shadow area of the use of the area of the excavator, and then use the to fill the shadow. For already familiar with a variety of marketing methods of user groups, to see such a clever marketing means, not only will not feel disgusted, but instead will then travel as a joke, this is a "high-end" marketing occasion.

we look at the "highbrow" marketing at present in the minds of the masses in the position.

evaluation, the recent flourishing a program "the goddess’s new clothes" has become a tool of wealth. "It looks like a design" is the actress who pushed up to six digits, "just a piece of cloth." on the other hand, in the opposite direction of the talented netizens also "nonsense": "What wealth? I don’t know the brand"! A tall brand awareness is equal to zero of course, users do not see what is the goddess who on the show.

this is the strong relationship between positioning and products, in the face of a group of people do not know the brand, how good or useless. High price or low price low conversion high conversion problems, two phase back strategy and marketing means: take the route or highbrow and popular literature or art popular literature or art rhythm, mode, grass root economy is most popular today, the latter is obviously the most sensible marketing strategy.

said the marketing occasion is very suitable for grass root economy, rather, in the grass root culture era, depend on their body is more easy to get good development potential.

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