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belongs to China’s Internet heyday in the process of slowly approaching, the game is attached to the Internet is often the same as in the forefront.

is one of the original grassroots game station was born, I was a fan of the game, but the game is not the game player, but the game is my last summer vacation, many webmaster, begin to contact the site, in this year’s time has done 4 games, so I call myself a fan of the game it is not too much…

no nonsense, starting point:

There are several reasons for the

game station to do, first of all, in a wide range of topics, in the SEO should be called the key. A lot of you do not believe, I just for a light, 17173 of the station is very clear to tell how much of the game, a game of a theme, but in this topic keyword that is much longer, such as: audition for theme, just catch a key to.

Key words:


1: 8K, dance dance card, P card, P, various versions of dance, 3.3 steps, 3.4 steps of · · ·

2 audition experience, experience, money, tasks, skills, friends, video, pet clothing, · · ·

3 audition Songs: 220 songs, 230 songs, various versions of songs, 3.3 songs, 3.4 songs · · ·

above this example we should see it, if it is not clear that the way it..

above this example we can see that the game’s key words are very rich, grasp the key words should not be difficult. It is strong…

again do a good job to do a good job to promote the game, a lot of ways to promote, I say here on a few,

is the first promotion methods, to game propaganda people, this method is good, the establishment of a family or guild in the game, and then slowly expand, through a personal biography of a

to everyone;

the second method using QQ group, QQ group Tencent have hundreds of thousands, you search you to find the theme in the QQ group, and they are familiar with, set out the site slowly, and they say a website of our own, they face a lot of people do not have this thing on the website, you will say to you. Money out of technology, they called propaganda publish original articles, this method sometimes is very successful;


extension method, to some of the free game guild people, such as U9U8, 5D56 etc. These provide a free forum where some guild settled your forum, this method if a little support pattern to lure them, should be very smooth.


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