Friendship connection to do the important and skills

                  friendship connection can not quickly improve their access, but the benefits are a lot of   between the.

                first you have to determine what kind of Web site you are doing. For example,

                good humor network (usually humorous and relevant website related websites to make connections as long as your site to your site and good, people can be of high quality IP, if you don’t and some related site links to those, users may only see one eye closed, because he is not interested in the content. Although, also sent you a IP! The only difference in nature and brush IP from


      you can pay attention to, the relatively large flow site, they are the principle of friendship connection, they are generally only and their associated theme site links. This not only make your site in the " " theme;; circle is famous. If a love see joke users to the site to see your connection to the site and see your connection, you say you will not increase his impression of your address? Don’t forget it.

    search from the perspective of high quality connection, in GOOGLE, will improve their own PR, I have done the experiment (personal view), the more connected, GOOGLE brought me IP more, if GOOGLE can bring you 3000IP every day, you are so worried about BAIDU’s ruthless K you? But I remind you not to cheat cheating. Friendship can bring high IP short but can’t give your site to bring permanent interests, but you want to do garbage sites to make money. The long term don’t cheat. When everyone in scold Baidu also think about the number of sites was originally started by Baidu.

                  I hope you usually spend more time doing high quality connection. My QQ is 77213202 to the same site with my friend           good humor network to be connected. Thank you. 


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