How to deal with the personal credit crisis in the micro business marketing

micro business is a very big concept, many people only think of WeChat promotion and sales is the derivative of all, the fact that WeChat is only a small part of the micro business, build micro business is built on the basis of human, which is based on the traditional electricity supplier to the goods as the core on the two different nature caused by two kinds of marketing methods, often because many people don’t know the difference between the electricity supplier marketing and micro business marketing, marketing method will be used in the business aspects of using micro business marketing, sometimes will not have good marketing effect, even on the personal credit crisis.

why? Because the essence of marketing is publicity, publicity is resulting in sales, then as a micro business model based on interpersonal communication, your circle of friends who are basically familiar with the user, so when you do sales promotion in your circle of friends brush screen, great this will cause resentment of your friends, or even disable your publicity display in the circle of friends, you will be affected by the nature of credibility in the background.

and the other is a greater impact if you recommend quality products, so you recommend as a middleman in marketing, is bound to have a negative effect on your credit, because the recommended inferior quality products to your friends, friends and how it will trust you


so what are the ways to deal with micro business marketing may have a negative impact on your personal reputation? There are many ways, but I believe that only need to do the following two things will be able to solve this problem.

first, you have to be authoritative recommendation. No shots, a shot would naturally be amazing, this amazing eyeball not to Madden others, but by your excellent products as a backup, you choose the product must have good brand attributes, brand if the product is not enough, then you should have experience with authority, have a good new friends, even can help solve the problems encountered in the use of products. The sales of products into the communication between people, to solve the problem of friends through your kind help, then you will be subject to appropriate advertising the attention of friends and friends, use quite satisfactory, it will also help you to reprint, let you get Everfount profits.

second, to create their own visibility. Since it is micro business marketing, then you need to be based on people, so once people have the influence, then in the micro business environment will have a huge marketing value. Why are those who have a lot of fans of the big V who can easily get wealth, in fact, is based on their visibility and the number of fans. So to the micro business marketing, for the person to do the packaging, at the same time as much as possible to express their views, and can be demonstrated in many authoritative platform, so as to make you get fans more or get more user attention, to subscribe to your article or content, and now you are in the the implantation of advertising, the "

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