NetEase low-key push cross-border electricity supplier platform koala sea purchase, pig Ding Lei can

lead: mediocre Ding Lei in the pig industry, the electricity supplier in the iron heart to go to war, a strong media gene NetEase can succeed in the sea Amoy on


January 8th, NetEase launched a low-key cross-border electricity supplier platform – Koala sea purchase, into the field of electricity providers. Mediocre Ding Lei in the pig industry, the electricity supplier in the iron heart to go to war, a strong media gene NetEase can succeed in the sea Amoy on


NetEase koala sea purchase will be decidedly Ding Lei boss as the biggest sign, open the site, is a picture of Ding Lei and said: "the work attitude, be conscientious and do whatever news, email, or electricity supplier, is the same." In the koala sea to buy their own list of advantages, but also the emergence of Ding boss such keywords. For example, in the NetEase self, said the koala sea to buy a lot of money to build the boss ding……" In the origin of direct mining, said, Ding boss personally led the team to go all over the world, carefully selected……"

koala sea purchase will be summed up as their own advantages 100% genuine, 100% overseas direct mining and no reason to return for 7 days, the point. However, in-depth analysis of the sea, the koala merger is no special, free trade zone, sea Amoy mode is started last year. At the end of 2013, Ningbo, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou were included in the first batch of the country to carry out cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot cities, a new free trade zone sea Amoy mode came into being 5.


in this mode, the sea Amoy enterprises from overseas origin bulk centralized procurement imports will goods stored in a bonded warehouse, then carry out retail business through e-commerce platform for online orders, orders, bills of lading and pay enterprise with the "three single single" import declaration to the customs with personal belongings, then to the buyer. In this process, only pay a character tax. Consumers in these platforms with the domestic online shopping process is nothing more convenient than before the sea amoy. The koala is the sea purchase and the Hangzhou area of the customs cooperation.

, however, this model is not the first to buy the NetEase koala sea, Tmall international, honey Amoy, foreign terminals are using this model. In fact, the cross-border electricity supplier has gradually become a red sea, the electricity supplier companies in this piece of work for more than a year, to establish their own position. The koala sea purchase announced second days, SF also rely on their own advantages in the logistics business entered the field of cross-border electricity supplier, announced the import business website "SF sea Amoy officially launched. CEO Chen Ou also recently revealed the internal mail, to come up with 1 billion yuan to enter the overseas market share.

in the Red Sea, in the sea Amoy on the unpredictable future of NetEase. Needless to say, the NetEase has its own advantages, that is in the content, community strength, and because the content and community has accumulated a large number of users. However, the NetEase also has its own short board obviously, especially in cross-border electricity supplier electricity supplier is very complex, involving product selection, supply chain, logistics, management, marketing and sales category >

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