Luxury brands to find a way to cut electricity supplier in ndia is a good choice

Abstract: with the weakening of the international economy and the decline of China’s economic growth, the luxury sector has long been to India to find a way to say.


although a lot of people mention the first thought of India will be poor, no toilet and other pictures, that it is difficult to find luxury goods market here. But in fact, a large amount of India’s affluent class, and is still growing large and medium, the country’s affluent consumer spending is definitely not smaller than China or even greater.

especially in recent years, with the international economic weakness and China’s economic growth has declined, the luxury sector has long been to find out the road to India, but the luxury market in the country has a lot of unique place.

India luxury consumer groups are growing

How much is the wealth of the proportion of the population

India road? Zhu found two data, the Wall Street journal in 2015 issued 8 monthly report quoted Pugh Research Center report pointed out that 20% of the Indian daily income of less than $2, most of the Indian daily income of less than $10. According to this calculation, the average monthly salary of most Indians should be around 2000 yuan.

and Fortune Management Inc are Kotak data, from 2014 to 2015, with 250 million rupees ($3 million 800 thousand) the number of India household wealth rose 17%. The next 5 years, the number will increase to about 3 times now, to reach 348 thousand families.

although the gap between the rich and poor in India, but this phenomenon is the development of luxury goods market opportunity. Third party market research firm Rui information consulting company had predicted that by 2019, India luxury market will more than double the size of $5 billion 600 million. Although the figure is still small compared with the size of China’s luxury market ($23 billion last year), India’s luxury market is growing rapidly.

luxury brands are popular in India, but the exception of jewelry and clothing

Western luxury goods market in India, India consumers tend to buy luxury goods to buy western brands. But not all Western luxury goods are done in India duck. India’s consumption habits are getting closer to Europe and the United states.

India women, whether young or not, like Judith · Judith (Leiber) handbag, because this brand handbags and colorful, embroidered luxury India dress is very tie-in.


watches and bags in luxury shoes, India has rich favor, but other types of luxury is not particularly popular, especially those very western jewelry and clothing market in India is not very popular. Because, compared to Western clothing, many India tycoons prefer traditional costumes.

this, the Western luxury brands have made a lot of local improvement. >

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