08 in the first half of the ten malicious domain name 80%P address to Zhejiang

in July 17th, "the first half of 2008 the Internet linked report" report shows that the first half of 2008 the ten malicious domain name list, there are 80% malicious domain name IP address to Zhejiang province.

2008 "Trojan abrupt increase, professional and team type Trojan makers in making huge illegal profits at the same time, a big inconvenience, the netizens interests are a great loss to the normal work of the majority of users to learn. The huge profits, the third party application vulnerabilities, social engineering has become the main conditions of the first half of 2008 the growth of the horse. Many popular virus (such as: machine dog, disk drives, game hacking virus) in addition to the dissemination of the communication mechanism of their own procedures, will use a variety of network to expand its range of destruction of malay.


Figure 1

growth curve of


(sample survey map, the super patrol for nine consecutive weeks in which the blue line is the actual growth curve, the growth trend curve of black horse horse of


can be seen from the figure, just ten weeks web Trojan on the national network has reached a growth of more than 10 times. Because a web Trojan corresponds to hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands of computer network users, so through the web Trojan infected computer is a radioactive growth. Super patrol team monitoring data show that in the sampling survey of the time, the number of infected web pages to reach 1449034, almost every day on average every user will browse to a malicious link. Infected web growth trend as follows:


Figure 2 infected web growth curve

As a "bullet" of the computer on the network, the

web Trojan will take the lead in obtaining the permission of the network terminal computer through various system vulnerabilities or application vulnerabilities. Through the permissions that have been obtained, the specified server is downloaded back to the payload". The "payload" is a Trojan horse to steal a variety of game software, instant messaging software, e-mail and other passwords or sensitive information trojan.

On 2008

China in various regions in the first half of the horse showed an increasing trend, one of the reasons is because the network access is developing very fast. Another reason is that, compared with the previous year, more and more domestic and foreign search engines to focus on the domestic server. The main area of VaR distribution as shown below:


Figure 3

var distribution map

("other" includes other areas except in the main areas listed in the chart, mainly refers to the Asia Pacific address and the European and American areas except China)

, as shown above, in the super patrol team statistics in the first half of ten list of the list of the top 2008 malicious domain

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