Tmall, millet, Jingdong bloody business


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in June this year, the electricity supplier war, mobile phone category is anchaoxiongyong, will be a major electricity supplier battle stronghold.

sources said, 6· 18 the same day, the city of Tmall electric stocking of the 1 million mobile phone sales – this figure is the domestic mobile phone shipments of all channels.

An important background of

business mobile phone category bloody is: on the one hand is the Jingdong of IPO after 6· 18 Pro debut; on the other hand is the Tmall Electric City – Ali IPO, Tmall also want to demonstrate their ability to sell, Tmall Electric City on Jingdong, must rush in front of.

mobile phone has a bloody business, background, millet and Jingdong contradictions intensified, upgrade, and let the Chinese joint cool, apple began to stand, to tilt resources to Tmall.

why Jingdong suppress millet


mobile phone providers have an interesting question: millet self built channels, why go to Tmall shop, but not with Jingdong cooperation?

this problem stems from not long ago, millet and Jingdong contradictions upgrade. Millet mobile phone sales in the 3 page, Jingdong mall played millet phone is very good, Jingdong is recommended Meizu MX3 advertising. In fact, the contradiction between Jingdong and millet, has been.

Jingdong in the next millet phone, has recommended a red pepper, Lenovo S8, Meizu MX3, small coke, some or not selling, or unknown phone. The Jingdong, there are many reasons behind: first, Jingdong had no formal channels of goods, millet mobile phone short supply; secondly, millet mobile phone is selling merchandise, can bring huge traffic flow considerations for not wasting, Jingdong need to recommend some other commodities.

Jingdong has never been authorized to sell millet phone, however, there will always be some Jingdong millet mobile phone sales, of course, the price will be higher than the official millet. As a platform for electricity providers, Jingdong can not because there is no official authorization, and the lack of such a mobile phone millet phone.

more important reason, is still trapped in the self B2C business model — why Jingdong would not recommend Samsung, Apple products in the millet mobile phone? Does not have to recommend some famous or not selling products? The most direct motivation is to clear inventory.

we know, Jingdong to import electricity supplier, is to buy goods sellers, this also means that the Jingdong of all kinds of goods inventory turnover rate has a very high demand. Millet series phones are selling goods, or even in short supply, but the lack of supply of Jingdong, so there is the flow of millet phone to clean up inventory behavior. According to the statistics of the friends of the union, whether it is red pepper, Lenovo S8, Meizu MX3, small coke, four phones, are not in the list of Android mobile active models TOP40. That is to say, their sales are less than one million, or even less than 500 thousand (the whole network)

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