Luxury brands fought electricity supplier to watch more pay less

speaking of online shopping, only a short while ago, we come to mind is "explosion", "cheap" and other words, however, with luxury brands gradually expand to China retail market, many brands started to adjust the global market strategy, some brands are in the domestic top sales go to line. Reporter recently visited that, although the online sales for many luxury goods prices slightly concessions, but for the citizens, not see and touch, online shopping luxury such consumption patterns are hard to accept, in addition, customer service and fake is everyone’s concern for.

shop can ensure genuine, 7 days return

in April this year, the famous British luxury brand Burberry successfully settled in Tmall mall, became the first in China B2C shop opened the top luxury. 15 am, the reporter login Tmall brand street, found here, including Versace, Dior, Prada and other dozens of luxury brands. But many brands are not optimistic about the sales record.

reporter consulted a number of brands learned that, in addition to some of the goods are discounted, most of the goods and the official website and the store price difference is not large. A brand of Tmall flagship store customer service told reporters, when most of the season hot new products, due to lack of inventory on the market, basically no discount. The majority of the brand Tmall flagship store and the official website and the price of the physical store is consistent. The Tmall certified luxury flagship stores said, the sale of goods for 100% new authentic, you can enjoy 7 days no reason to return, support the inspection counter, fake a penalty ten.

worry can not see the kind, the purchase is not assured

these luxury at a few thousand or even tens of thousands of pieces, from the Internet to buy, can not see and touch, I still do not feel at ease, always feel that there is no insurance in the counter to buy." Ms. Zeng told reporters that, although they will be online shopping, but for luxury goods such valuables or she is more willing to believe that counters and shopping malls. If the first thing to worry about online shopping is not genuine, and secondly, can not see the physical can not check whether there is a defect, but also for the sale is not assured. Although a lot of overseas purchasing and online shop in its pages are marked with the support of the ‘counter inspection’, but in fact, most of the luxury stores are not provided ‘counter inspection’ services."

has been the concern of the luxury industry Miss Ho said: "if you must through online shopping to buy luxury fashion, I would have to store the selected style, and then through the sea Amoy find discount channels. If the online and physical stores to sell the same price, but not the upper body test results, why buy?


data are also shown in the reporter’s survey, the reporter received 211 valid questionnaires within a week, in the survey of more than 40% users, clearly not willing to online shopping luxury, and the reason of customer service is not guaranteed, many fakes and mailing time is too long in the top three.

the current status of the bottleneck bottleneck is not much


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