Tmall CEO Wang Yulei future electricity supplier to return to the consumer experience

text / Wang Yulei

we have just started the consumer experience upgrade program, to the outside world announced a new thinking 2015 services. We will help the integrity of the integrity of the business growth, enhance the service capabilities of businesses, while joint businesses, for different categories of goods to provide different services, and constantly optimize the customer service experience.

The new standard

service in 2015 this release, we will in the end consumer, using three "magic" to enhance the consumer experience, and broaden the existing service boundary; in the business, Tmall will use four "weapon" to boost the integrity of business growth. And not good faith, poor consumer experience of the business, will also be punished Tmall corresponding rules.

on the surface, all of the business platform are doing these two things, but the effect of lengnuanzizhi. As the largest B2C electronic business platform, we have been to improve the consumer experience, to help businesses sustainable development. This is also the core of our rapid growth in previous years.

essence of the future electricity supplier or return to the consumer experience. Tmall from a simple sales platform, upgraded to a consumer connection platform, from e-commerce (e-commerce) to social commerce (Social Commerce).

transaction link optimization to enhance the consumer experience


customer experience, these five words are able to retreat, but the virtual service to do it, is a very easy thing.

, for example, this year, Tmall double eleven period, the user returns dispute rate is 0.03%. In other words, in the hundreds of millions of pen shopping transactions, 99.97% of people are satisfied. This is 24 hours, hundreds of millions of consumers to participate in online shopping carnival, it is a gratifying thing. At least, our team is very excited, than last year, there has been a small increase.

don’t look down upon us a small step, we need a team of years, constantly optimize the various shopping areas, to protect the entire link worry free shopping. In our view, even if only 0.0001% of the improvement, we are fighting for the goal. For a market share of more than 60%, covering hundreds of millions of users of the electricity supplier companies, any small forward, will have a profound impact on the entire market.

next year, we will, as always, to improve the consumer experience, in general, will be in the industry services, membership services and after-sale protection, etc.. For example, the beauty category, Tmall try to launch "allergy protection". Because allergies vary from person to person, not the quality of goods, but this is an important consideration for consumers to buy beauty products, is the necessary basic services.

customer service guarantee, Tmall will jointly optimize businesses, fast processing mechanism of customer service platform, and start the consumer payment scheme, consumers in the shortest time even without additional waiting for an absence of customer service service demands.


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