Surplus travel Wang Shiying one step ahead of the first half of the dead is a big success

lead: many movie fans dream space "may still remember the movie" dreamer "construction that a dreamy space special, true to life. The game is a program, the number to weave another virtual world, a lot of people because of yearning or love into the game. Do not understand the game people often think it is "addiction" or "magic", only the world people understand, where they can show their own on the other side, playing the "arena heroes" Robin Hood, or become "a king".

surplus swim COO Wang Shiying is because of the love of the game, so he decided to choose to enter this line. Now she was gone for fourteen years, in these years, she had the management and planning of users of the game for having heard it many times "Legend of Sword and Fairy three", "Three: Legend of Sword and Fairy · intelligence chapter", "Legend of inn" etc..


COO Wang Shiying (wingamenet network speed transit network plan)

for her, do stand-alone game that day is simple and happy, that experience has brought a lot of valuable experience and unforgettable memory. Although she also published in his blog "Legend of memories", or received a small gift for fans in our anniversary, but she chose to venture, want to give yourself a new height.

was founded in wingamenet network, the company has developed such as "Warcraft", "popping", "magic is adorable!", "war maid heart OL" etc.. Wang Shiying believes that the game is a step ahead of death, the first half step is a big success.

successful Keywords: learning, accumulation of

first time to see Wang Shiying, she and many employees sitting in the open room, which is more convenient for the development, operation and other departments of direct communication. She sat there, and no one would have thought it was an ordinary employee. But in the conversation, the speed transit network found that this seemingly ordinary people on the game, when chatting about the game burst out a great passion and a lot of ideas.

"in college when they love playing games, reading geography majors often write the manuscript some game magazine." Wang Shiying said, a lot of people and choose the game in the industry at first, then the idea is very simple, is playing.


walked into the Daewoo, "Legend of the series" has been recognized by many game player, although the legend of three has been given a lot of expectations, but no one thought it would be in the hands of Wang Shiying made the game winning the largest number of works at home and abroad.

"Legend of Sword and Fairy three" but also the success of the master plan Wang Shiying has become the focus of attention, in addition to bring her more confident, her career game also referred to a certain height. In Wang Shiying’s opinion, no matter what kind of industry, sports or movies, when their achievements to a certain height, the

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