Taobao established commodity sampling system online shopping commodity quality normalization

March 11th afternoon, announced that from now on the start of commodity inspection system, will periodically according to the trading platform, refund, complaints and other information on the corresponding data sampling and sellers of goods, regular sampling products commissioned by the national quality inspection agencies to identify the third party. Once the product quality problems found, Taobao will be punished according to the rules and penalties for publicity, the seriousness of the case submitted directly to the administrative authority for Industry and Commerce and even transferred to public security organs. Information Security Department official said, hope that through the establishment of strict quality supervision system, supervise the seller to further improve the commodity quality and service level, to ensure that consumers continue to steadily improve online shopping experience.

Taobao will therefore be the first to establish a commodity sampling system for the prevention and control of goods online shopping platform. Previously, has launched a plan to protect the secured transactions, consumers Alipay, commodity inspection system implementation means Taobao to enhance the shopping experience to extend to pre-sale, active monitoring in consumer behavior before.

Taobao previously released the "2010 Taobao consumer protection white paper", 2010 trade complaint rate decreased from 5/10000 in 2009 to about 4/10000 in consumption in recent years, according to security system’s efforts have achieved success.


official said, Taobao confirmed from the purchase of goods, inspection and punishment, and feedback data of various aspects of strict rules, such as the third party quality inspection center selection must have national accreditation, after Chinese state quality inspection administration and the State Department of Commerce approved and issued by the commodity identification report with national legal authority approval so, to ensure the fairness of the system. And commodity sampling will become the normal means of quality control of Taobao products, Taobao has become a routine work."

not long ago, said, with nine national ministries and relevant departments to complete linkage, active cooperation, and further intensify the fight against infringement of intellectual property, will continue to invest 200 million of funds this year, provide a higher level of service experience for consumers, and guide the benign development of the whole industry market. In order to promote the contribution of their own power on the better development of the retail network.

it is reported that the first batch of commodity sampling results will be announced in the near future.

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