Baidu Electronic Commerce Yes or Lotte into the joint venture company

for Baidu has ah general manager Li Mingyuan resignation, adjust the business direction of the information industry analysts believe that this is only a part of a comprehensive adjustment of Baidu e-commerce business, Baidu is expected to have the future business and Lotte joint venture business integration more.

Analysys International analyst Cao Fei believes that Baidu would be directly into the B2C market, and should not enter the field of C2C, the original decision was not to control the pulse of the market. He said, after Baidu to enter the C2C market has found a large enterprise in the e-commerce market demand soared, at this time, Taobao mall, B2C model has achieved rapid development, while Baidu C2C has been expanding weakness, prospect is not ideal.

is aware of the need to enter the B2C market, Baidu is late. After a while and Japan Lotte joint investment company B2C, has become more and more chicken ribs, is bound to make adjustments." Cao Fei said.

Before the

before Li Mingyuan officially announced his resignation, had a Baidu insiders disclosed that Robin Li should be on the development of ah extremely unhappy, because according to the monitoring data, Baidu has ah traffic into purchasing power ratio is too low, Baidu has ah occupy the entire C2C market more than 5% of the traffic is converted to less than 0.7% the market share, the departure of Li Mingyuan is in the affirmative, Baidu future focus on e-commerce is lotte.

senior Internet analyst Hong Bo also believes that Baidu has the personnel and business adjustment is inevitable, and from the point of view of time, it is also a bit late to adjust. He said that Baidu and Japan Lotte established B2C joint venture company, and Baidu has ah business and B2C joint venture to produce some conflicts, Baidu must rearrange business, ensure that the two businesses don’t get involved in their own fight.

what is the future of Baidu, Baidu will be how to restructure their e-commerce site


Hong Bo believes that Baidu future focus on electronic commerce and the joint venture company will be placed in the Lotte, but because of the joint venture Lotte dominated, so Baidu will have its own platform to consider. He predicted that Baidu has the product library and search will continue to operate.

and Cao Fei believes that the future should take C2C to Baidu B2C, ah and Lotte two joint venture platform difficulties in the investment operation, Baidu should be put into the joint venture has to play with the advantage of search and B2C.

Ari analyst Zhang Yanping had previously said to Sohu IT, Baidu has to make changes ah. She believes that Baidu has a relatively slow development, through the purchase of goods there are only 5.9% users, with Taobao, pat and other larger gap, in the face of strong competitors, ah, need some change.

Baidu search is too complex, targeted for a single industry is not strong. Baidu must find the search to maximize the advantages of the flow into the purchase >

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