Almost 100% of the brand has not been authorized luxury website survival model has been questioned

luxury online sales and luxury business disputes, the gun was hit by a Jingdong mall. Recently, SWAROVSKI (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., said the company has so far not authorized any site in China to sell SWAROVSKI products. Jingdong mall and put forward an oral warning. For a time the luxury industry online and offline conflict once again put to the front.

luxury electricity supplier unspoken rules

currently is not only a problem of Jingdong, is the electricity supplier industry unspoken rule was broken, Chinese business almost 100% foreign luxury enterprises without authorization, this is also the industry of luxury websites widespread worries." Southern China well-known electricity supplier experts Gong Wenxiang said in an interview with the securities times reporter.

luxury goods online and offline sales of the long-standing conflict, according to reports, luxury goods companies control of channel is relatively strict, usually go outlets, occasionally a few stores, but are within their control, so far, almost no one luxury companies sell electricity authority.

Jingdong is just one of them, was pulled out, perhaps because it is bigger, the impact of sales outlets." Gong Wenxiang told reporters.

reporter learned that a few years ago, Estee Lauder has declared its own online sales channels only their official website. Last June, Tissot micro-blog official on "father’s Day promotions said that sold Tissot not authorized. While CEO but Li Guoqing responded that "unauthorized and genuine", and stressed that "look again yesterday authorized tissot".

the current domestic electricity supplier sales of luxury goods, because not authorized, the product channels generally have three kinds of circumstances, the first is to take the goods from the dealer; second is the overseas purchasing; third is to buy. At present, the domestic electricity supplier sales of luxury goods to take the goods are the main sources of overseas purchasing, the tariff on suspicion of tax evasion.

facing the enterprise prosecution crisis

although the electricity supplier industry unspoken rules in the industry has long been not a secret, but because of the online sales of luxury brand publicity has some advantages, so most of the former luxury enterprises to adopt acquiescence policy. Now SWAROVSKI Jingdong to take surgery, may have affected the sales of Jingdong sales outlets. On the other hand, the electricity supplier’s low price strategy or SWAROVSKI to try to convey the high-end brand image departure.

Gong Wenxiang said that the current B2C (business to customer business model) sales of luxury goods basically is genuine, quality is the only channel are as like as two peas. Obviously, e-commerce online sales of luxury goods, in violation of the luxury enterprise channel policy, if the prosecution, you have to get off the shelf.

if the luxury companies have come out to prosecute electricity supplier, then the electricity supplier to the luxury industry is a fatal blow, saying that the whole collapse is not

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