The construction of the fourth generation website — the construction of marketing website

website construction has gone through four main stages, as follows:

1, the text of the stage of full manual editing, technical difficulties, rough production;

2, the image and text stage increased the animation file, the display is more image, but no interaction;

3, the interaction stage with the background database management, but the generation is dynamic ", marketing difference;

4, the background of the marketing stage is powerful, templates, generate static pages, marketing, and become an important part of enterprise marketing,

directly to the enterprise business, not only to become an excellent platform for the display of enterprise products, and become a super salesman.

corporate website. Many people think that it is possible to build a simple web site with performance. But often ignore the point – marketing. In fact, the establishment of a corporate website. The core point of view is how to use this website to promote or promote enterprise marketing. And realize the enterprise information management.

first, the enterprise site less than 40%

according to the statistical indicators established in advance, the staff responsible for the survey through the comparison found that China has nearly 70% of large and medium-sized enterprises have built internal network system. On the whole, the number and the present development scale and market of enterprises from the enterprise external barely match; website, more than 90% of the enterprises have the construction of enterprise website system plan for different size of the company, the implementation level is different: 50-100 of small and medium-sized enterprises has a low proportion of the website more than more than 500 large and medium-sized enterprises, the former is 53.6%, which is 75.3%. Data show that 75.4% of the country’s enterprises have not yet self built website. The main features: first, the small and medium-sized enterprise site ratio is too low, only 12.5%, many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small enterprises lack sufficient funds for construction sites, but also the lack of professional and technical personnel, these problems have seriously restricted the enterprise website. Two is the establishment of the enterprise and the level of industry directly related. Three is the proportion of strong and strong enterprises and significantly higher than the level of small and medium enterprises.

of small and medium-sized enterprises is also the most urgent need for a large group of propaganda on the Internet, they are not completely building a nationwide marketing channel network is an important way of efficient and cheap publicity. But there are still many companies do not realize the importance of the site, but also become an important obstacle to the construction of small and medium enterprises website.

two, less investment in the station, the application is particularly poor

capital investment in the construction site: 12% enterprises invested more than 500 thousand yuan, 4% of the enterprises invested in 200 thousand to 500 thousand yuan, 16% of the enterprises invested in 50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan, 68% of the enterprises invested in 50 thousand yuan; in the construction site to the future: 28% of Companies plan to increase investment in 16%. The enterprise to maintain the current level.

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