Foreign trade electricity supplier station early experience how to select overseas host

to carry out foreign trade e-commerce, can not only bring huge trading volume for the enterprise, but also can enhance the overseas brand image, to gain more business opportunities, therefore, many foreign companies have set up e-commerce platform moved overseas, first contact to host overseas businesses in the choice of foreign host, there are a lot of problems often considered here. A simple list of several

whether to meet the needs of foreign trade station

business website is the most valued website SEO optimization, all with independent IP host is particularly important, like the United States in the host IXWebhosting, the host program are presented independently IP, up to 15 free, there are at least 2, independent IP website can effectively avoid the risk of being other website the dangerous site implicated the maximum extent to ensure the safety of the site, at present, the IXWebHosting host is still its official launched preferential purchase link, this offer the host through the link can be obtained 10% discount, in the United States in the host, the IXWebhosting host is giving independent IP most hosts, more in line with the needs of foreign trade station.

to meet the needs of foreign trade station access speed;

site access speed for the foreign trade station, the relationship between fatal site of vital importance, if a user to your site for a long time are not open the site, then it will decisively abandon the purchase, so you will lose a lot of potential customers, host selection site speed is to be considered. It hosts the United States HostEase host KT room is located in the United States, and China Unicom, telecom have 10GB network connection, domestic access speed is very fast, do not have to worry about potential customers because of the access speed and lose the foreign trade website, and it also Chinese station and Chinese customer service, buy and use are very convenient.

is within the acceptable price range

host price is one of the foreign trade enterprises consider the construction cost, the same price of high cost is king within the host, American host WebhostingPad would occupy a part of the host market. WebhostingPad virtual host price minimum $1.99 / month, the price is very low, it can be said that the current low price hosts the United States, and use the coupon code greatchina15 to buy 1 to 5 years of virtual host, you can get 15% discount, use the coupon code greatchina25 a one-time purchase of 3 to 5 years of the host, can offer $25 the United States is so low, the host is rare for foreign businesses of a province in the end.

foreign trade station selection of overseas host, to take into account the site’s price, speed and other factors, only to consider the host

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