Website promotion of soft Wen promotion effect

      at night xianlaiwushi, readily in Baidu entered his name "Sun Zheng", his name and found a lot of friends, I feel good. Even more surprising is that he wrote a few articles have been reproduced in more than and 30 sites, many of which are in e-commerce, network marketing sector is more well-known sites. This discovery allows me to rethink the site to promote the promotion of soft Wen effect.

      in fact, when writing these articles, and not too much to consider what the soft effect, so at the time of the release is not specifically designed, now look if you want to make good design, estimate the effect will be better.

      just pick out two pieces of the article was reproduced, we can see what features:

      sun Zheng: website optimization Deion writing tips

      several key points of English website production

      if you look after you will find such a few characteristics:

      1 content original

      these two articles are the original sun Zheng, as we all know, in the website promotion and website operation, there is a very important note called, as the original content. Original content, is the search engine favorite content, but also the reader’s favorite. After more than the original, the user’s loyalty comes up, there may be a news source for some sites. Customers will snowball, more and more.

      2 content hot

      hot is always the focus of everyone’s attention, promotion is no exception. Take these two articles, for example, web site optimization and English Web site is to do the network marketing business is more concerned about the content. Everyone’s attention, so the search engine in the search volume is large, the opportunity to be searched on the big, the same site is also reproduced by other opportunities are greater.

      3 publishing platform authority

      authoritative platform, in the minds of everyone will have confidence, we will feel that the above content is written by experts, in fact, not entirely. However, now more authoritative and open platform, really hard to find.

      just look at these two articles, the more important estimates are also on these three aspects, but there are many things here

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