On the five major problems in the online marketing of small and medium enterprises

look at the current domestic market can have a number of small and medium enterprises do not get involved in online marketing, these small and medium enterprises in the wave of the market has seen the sweetness of online marketing. Especially in the past two or three years, it can be said that the vast majority of small and medium enterprises have set up their own enterprise site, and try a variety of online marketing. But we also have to face a problem today, is that although many small and medium enterprises to invest manpower, but the effect is still little, why? The author sums up the main reason comes from many enterprises generally stored in five broad problems.

common faults: for online marketing, many small and medium enterprises are still mainly wait-and-see attitude

although many companies are able to accept online marketing is a good way to win the future market can not be ignored, but many small and medium enterprises for online marketing investment and return rate and do not have much experience. For this stage can get the desired effect from online marketing to a certain skepticism, this attitude of suspicion for many small and medium enterprises is relatively conservative timidity, resulting in the so-called online marketing is in the "speculative", unable to put enough money, only superficial online marketing, after a period of time didn’t see much effect immediately withdraw. This problem is a common problem in many small and medium enterprises, but also led to many small and medium enterprises online marketing failure is one of the main reasons.

common problem two: enterprise knowledge of online marketing for

may have some small and medium enterprises to understand the limitations of online marketing and search engine rankings, such as advertising or sales in the blog forum to release some of the information publicity, even that online marketing is a web site, and then release some information can get the results, these companies are not on the true meaning of doing online marketing deep understanding, often for online marketing knowledge shy in the bag, resulting in online marketing have little effect, but do not know what the reason.

common problem three: lack of online marketing purpose

many small and medium enterprises in the online marketing brought see advantages, often like a swarm of bees to start online marketing, in-depth analysis and follow the urgency will often make a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of positioning, online marketing in its own online brand market investigation, user survey and so on, the lack of objective of online marketing. The lack of purpose of online marketing, often can not be successful.

common problem four: enterprise management system loopholes

unlike some large enterprises, many small and medium enterprises tend to ignore the online marketing department management, some enterprises may be a lot of people do not know the Department every day in what to do the work, and online marketing response to the problem of many enterprises is usually not very attention. For this I believe that, for an enterprise, if you want to online marketing >

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