Fast cut chain star more than the completion of the A+ round of financing announced as the capital i

September 18th news, announced the completion of more than 10 million yuan star A+ round of financing, led by the capital investment, black hole investment with investment. Round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate the layout of a new generation of stores, improve product and service chain, improve the big data system, and continue to promote the brand upgrade, enhance the user experience.

is reported that the star is more than a hair chain brand, founded in January 2015.


, according to the star guest revealed that the first half of this year to achieve a doubling of the amount of user growth. Over the past year or so, the star has more than 400 thousand customers in Beijing and Shanghai nearly two times to serve nearly two times. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, a total of 38 stores, more than 160 hair stylist, and because of the acquisition of a software technology company earlier this year.

had many guest star won by the Innovation workshop, Ming potential capital and angel exchange joint investment Angel round of financing, as well as by the Oriental Hiromichi collar vote, innovation works, Ming potential capital, angel sinks with cast the A round of financing.

founder strongway said, "the next 6 months, will guest star in Beijing and Shanghai the rapid expansion of new style stores, existing stores also will be gradually transformed, since then, many guest star is not only a hair salon, will provide users with professional style guide. Star guest will continue to focus on standardization and data to build products and services, through the layout of the United States to create a complete industrial chain."

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