2 cases of Pinterest marketing activities how to use the interest map to do marketing

how to use the interests of social media to do marketing interactive marketing this article to share the car brand Peugeot jigsaw puzzle and the first Pinterest creative marketing activities Kotex-Gift (video) case


Pinterest has been very concerned about the interests of the atlas of the new social media. It presents a beautiful picture through the waterfall flow mode, winning the favor of many users. Pinterest users grow very fast, now has 11 million users. Brands also continue to focus on Pinterest, it can not only give your website to bring surprise traffic, we are eager to Pinterest better find their potential consumers, and their interaction. This article shares the marketing activities of two different brands that use Pinterest to see what they can bring to you.


car brand Peugeot using Pinterest to do a jigsaw puzzle activity

Peugeot Pinterest active page Pinterest page


Peugeot through the jigsaw activities, encourage users to their official website and Facebook page to find pieces of enterprise images, using Pin (take pictures), users can complete the puzzle in pinterest. The first to complete the puzzle of five people can get prizes.

this activity not only very interesting, Peugeot plays Pinterest can take the characteristics and arrangement of images, the design of this puzzle, not only allow more users to focus on their pinterest page, also put attention to their official website and Facebook page on enterprises. From the comments, in order to better perform the activities, they are very positive response to the fans’ questions and their interaction.


Kotex – turn girls’ likes into real gifts (video)

Kotext found in the Pinterest have a certain influence on the 50 women, study each person’s Pin (Collection), they collected pictures, like things. The 50 men each person’s interests based on Kotex, their love things made the actual goods, put in a gift box. If they want to get these gift boxes, she’ll just have to Repin them. The opinion leaders of these women will pass p>

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