Micro distributor KO agency model Micro business can play happily!


micro business scale by now has tens of millions of levels, and every day constantly growing, occupies a huge component from the initial mask, until now there have been a variety of products, many people already know the mask has been unable to do so, a derivative product of more than. But the most obvious problem is the proxy mode still forever, until the end of the year, many developers began to confuse everyone micro stockpile, of course, subordinate agents do not hoard goods, the superior agent is not better, because you know.

1: proxy mode, give me 3000 micro business, I will occupy the entire market.

from a product perspective, as long as the development of the 3000 derivative agent, you can wait for the harvest, because from the current situation, find a micro business than to find a precise customer more easily, and a customer to product profits far from a micro Shang Dynasty, the derivative once an agent, hand store a certain amount of goods, it is said that some brand level agents, each month to take the goods price to reach 100 thousand yuan, such a big investment, he no longer believed he was acting. The micro business will be that I have not to help others to sell things, I was their own business sellers, selling their goods, and can set their own prices, the profit is also very impressive, so, what is hard, every day to advertise the products, in accordance with the minimum requirements, every day may make the brand the 100 person to know, which may have 3 personal interest, may produce a part of lower level agents, each agent will hoard goods, this is like a pin mode. As long as the 3000 basic micro agents, the latter can Everfount harvest, equivalent to sleep in money, but this is the lowest estimated last year, because the micro taking so many mask brand rapid rise also illustrates this principle. Of course, this is the top agent to make money, the most bitter agent.

two: the brand distribution can KO off agency model?

Disadvantages of the

agent model has become the industry can not avoid the problem of proxy mode crazy may make derivative into MLM edge ball, is bound to suffer rectification, and a large number of stocks and sell, will cause a huge loss of the underlying agent, it is not sustainable. In May this year, some of the micro business distribution platform will fire up gradually, the derivative advocated to kill agent mode distribution platform can be prosperous, not to say, but it is a kind of progress, because of the introduction of the third party supervision, for consumers will be more worthy of trust, the price has been unified, rather than micro business itself may rely on trust and contacts established commercial form more secure.

has been taking a lot of micro self fierce: I do not sell the goods, sell the trust, but the trust between friends sales mode based on may not last long, because once the products have problems, due to the relationship between friends, everybody is not willing to pursue, not only the things you buy, customer return rate is zero. And the trust between strangers

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