Don’t exaggerate and do website promotion really can have 1100

website promotion may be compulsory for every webmaster, especially just the construction site; and a site traffic is its life, so every webmaster to flow, than to their relatives and friends but also hard. So the result like this scene: a rookie webmaster, began to know nothing, and no money to advertise, listen more outside the chain to the site can bring a lot of traffic, so he did, day and night to send outside the chain, the weight of the high site, the more what is the so-called direct optimization software. The results of the network? Many owners complain that website how tired, how their own sites made so much of the chain are not what flow.

actually really want this? The title has been said to be 1> 100; now we’re in case that the theme of this paper, it is not only to promote the "cheat" users to access your website, how can this way traffic development value to the site? Of course I it is not completely rejected this approach, after all, is a little effect, but compared to the efficiency of your energy to do what is


below to introduce a case: Wood spring network; the network formally launched more than half a year, the middle is to move the space is the record, etc., so it is really about half a year or so. May we can see that the site is not too good, but it depends on the management of the web site is less than some people spend time every day to send the chain webmaster friends a fraction of advertising. Look at the current data: IP:2000+, PV 20 thousand or so, and we can learn that the site’s search engine weight is not high, the site itself is only one channel to promote – Baidu know. Here’s a look at this week’s Baidu search traffic:



site a week to enter the traffic

you can get from the data, most of the sites are new visitors, because the site is mainly to provide NCRE learning materials, and a lot of people just to download data, there is also a part of the exchange is what. So how to do it in front of the management group also said that the promotion is Baidu know. Said Baidu know, we may immediately think is to register a lot of accounts, with the answer is the software brush. But we didn’t think, this answer, advertising is too serious, some people do not see, read and then access your site found to solve his problem that don’t like you said, the user will know in Baidu’s comments "curse you. The results of your promotion is only a change of a few PV IP, nothing else, but also to the image of the site damaged!

look at this site is how to know how to promote Baidu, because it is impossible for students to have money to invest in advertising, there is no funds to undertake the cost of the line to promote. So only with the help of a variety of platforms on the network, not so much in the promotion, it is better to help users >

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