The news media reported on the night of my recording site navigation

speaking of writing this article, my emotions, had their own site "Siping Internet navigation" worry about traffic, just one week, my site is part of the region and even landed the newspaper headlines in the Sina, NetEase, missed a back face, and also reprint news also my web site by the reprint, this is I never thought, also makes me very glad on the road.

June 9, 2010, I and the surrounding area in Siping Post Bar Post Bar published a video posted "Siping male gap teeth cover India song" video, and add a watermark. Brother blog in video, was finished after four or five hours, then to make a phone call, said the reporter is in the Siping Railway Station the new cultural newspaper in Jilin Province, he said I see the video in Post Bar, then let me QQ tell him, after a while he is on the line, after a few minutes of inquiry and interview, I think it will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Not too much attention to this matter.

did not think that the 12 day I found the website open very slow, it was thought that the DOSS attack, it was more than 7 at night can not contact the staff room, so it is temporary, after dinner, I opened the mailbox downstairs to take out the newspaper when the first day. The newspaper version of the A surface suddenly appeared in the "Siping gap teeth" male video to report my video, but also cut the figure above, Siping Internet navigation website, newspaper articles and content also appeared in my web site, this let me see light suddenly why why so slow to open the website. But things are far more than that.

13 day early morning, site traffic surged, once reached 1 minutes more than and 350 people visit, so hurry to contact the room to increase the bandwidth and IIS, and then to the news network, this investigation does not matter, this "gap teeth male" news actually appeared in the NetEase, Sina, and global network news in the report, and even video screenshots of the clear watermark and the URL and be reproduced, this let me unexpected feeling of excitement and fear, excitement is reproduced "Huo tooth male" reported, even my website and screenshots be reproduced, this on my site after leaving a very high quality outside the chain, is worried about this video now Youku and cool 6 video stations and so on are very popular, stood once video headlines in the cool 6 video, watch the video number reached millions of Web Service There are some IIS and bandwidth can not eat, because the space is a friend of the Q group sponsored, I was really worried about the site can not open phenomenon. Oh, it seems that some redundant, the current Internet navigation on our side after Siping newspaper and portal reported here we Siping area almost Wurenbuxiao, even advertising than before to sell, this is after, not to mention, ha ha, organized wrote this heap, maybe some webmaster friends do not I believe that the article I NetEase reported around, hoping to have some inspiration and some of the webmaster >

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