Out of the misunderstanding on the site to exchange links and suggestions

written in the beginning of words: now the webmaster trading links, which makes part of the new site into to the island, no money or not willing to spend money on others and cannot link, it really kind of sad.. Below I will explain in detail the link method and attention, after all, most people are still willing to link the new site or friendship.

1, a clear understanding of their website. For example: my personal blog (http://s.buu9.cn/), if you need to exchange links should be personal blog, personal network log or personal QQ space links good results. To understand the characteristics and positioning of their own website, you can exchange links and different types of sites, but do not go into the wrong, some owners will pursue the so-called snapshot of each other, the amount of daily collection, etc.. This idea is absolutely wrong, even if you do and the other party to exchange links, the other side of the site was clicked on the user will be very few.

2, the link is not done to the search engine to see. We recommend that out of the high pursuit of errors, the establishment of some similar site links. A website if there is no chain will form an isolated island, a website and if there are many different types of N high weight of the site do not attract users to the chain to click.

3, less spam links posted on the Internet less links to buy. At this point, I can even agree with you. Because you may also stimulate the soft text of the expansion of thinking, and a lot of no practical significance of the link will only accelerate the search engine to the extent of the domain name. I am not opposed to buying links, but this approach is not a long-term effective. If you can do a good job in the content of the site updated with the control of friendship exchange links, will be good for your site, the spider will have a great degree of trust in your site.

4, finally, talk about the polite language of exchange links. We exchange links are nothing more than through EMAIL or QQ, we used to exchange links in order to: please, whether you can wait for the beginning of polite language, the content should be concise and clear. If the other party is not willing to exchange links do not sichanlanda, so that the other party is more offensive, you might have the opportunity to stand and they exchange links, the impression is not good will a veto.

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