have the 2009 five trick promotion site

my personal promotion experience and some SEO experience to share with you, my name is A Yu, I hope you favor my results.

1 forum website promotion, now many webmaster to A5 is outdated, the horizon, I personally feel that not a single, much to a high weight, high PR forum forum registration account, more links to your station (Baidu think your station, high prestige, especially in favor of your death I am your hair), best original article and 20% original articles, send some useful articles, when the hair behind the article with links, such as articles from the http://s.qqtoto station, CN station, which is more conducive to search engine forum signature favor. I feel very good, such as A5, time to go the forum post, reply, ha ha.

2 blog – blog promotion methods are available to register each station of the blog, if not to take care of it. And the new registration, Baidu, Phoenix, Tianya, a NetEase on the line, there are forums to promote it, then culture these blogs, a week increase a few articles, the article make a stand in you even point to your station. Later in this article with the address, as mentioned above, the article from the link… Even helps to improve the ranking and included, add your Links blog post, what you want. As long as useful for.

3 to your station related forum promotion, such as going to the QQ forum, I like the QQ station is due to the fact, QQ space forum, QQ non mainstream forums such as the promotion. To send comments, reply, post, leave a link on the line, must have the skills, management, or K you..


4 to the Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar promotion methods – register several number. Ask yourself the answer, not too frequently, otherwise K you. You need to take and skills. As long as the website address. Baidu know what problems are on the first page of Baidu, you think, flow more amazing. Don’t carry too much,..

several times a day

5 with the method of QQ promotion push to your friends help you, hehe. As a saying a pass ten, ten pass 100 on.. and by mail promotion, and to the QQ space station traffic official space link.SEO experience: Ayu think: website promotion does not necessarily bring a lot of traffic, as long as the search engine to favor on the line, such as the engine’s favor gives you good ranking, not afraid to flow, the flow is true hemp, promotion just to SEO, SEO is.

every day

I think the webmaster to set a goal for this website is not good, want to have difficulty (one day a hand is not good), the webmaster if the problem is encountered in the SEO forum to ask Master, can solve the multi use Baidu Search, at A5 the experience of others, there is very big the benefits of the practice. You do not want to become a

master is difficult ah.SEO is slowly

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