nvestors weapon how to avoid Wang Shi Qin induced type was out

these two days, we have been the founder of Vanke Wang Shi, car home CEO Qin caused by the brush out of the N multi screen, interpretation of different angles of expression.

should be said, Vanke, car ownership structure is a specific era, the product of a particular choice. Wang Shi was to give up ownership, due to the early stages of China’s stock market reform multi consideration and concern. Li Xiang first entrepreneur, only 18 years old, according to his own argument, at the beginning of the creation of only a vague idea of the company bigger, but what the concept is not clear.

so, whether Wang Shi or Li Xiang, to make such a choice in the past, the time seems to have is the optimal solution, but you guessed at the beginning, but did not guess the outcome". And the ending is not what everyone wants.

. Naturally, in order to avoid the same thing happened, entrepreneurs should learn a lesson. The entrepreneurial process will see the dawn of numerous difficulties and dangers, and even taste the fruits of victory, but in the end not foundered at the stake, come to naught.

optimistic point of view, apart from these cases, fair to say that now, the increase of maturity of venture capital environment, investment institutions or investors to mature, entrepreneurial companies real development considerations, will stand firm in the entrepreneurs behind support.

Castle capital as the main investment angel and Pre-A’s early investment institutions, mentioned in a number of entrepreneurial projects equity allocation in a positive way, entrepreneurs can refer to.

1 entrepreneurs to sell the proportion and valuation to be reasonable.

from the financing rounds of speaking, can have seed, angel, A round, B round and subsequent rounds, for subsequent rounds of dilution, angel investment is generally not more than 20%. Common is 10%-15%. Therefore, in the initial financing, the proportion of entrepreneurs to sell their shares to be careful when considering.

from the daily appointments venture or media information, some entrepreneurial projects to do Angel round of financing, before the seed has been sold a lot, or a project to sell in an angel round of more than 30%, A and sold more than 20% such situation.

The founder of

, too much in the transfer of the equity ratio early in the project, losing a controlling stake, the follow-up project development and financing will be affected, even the main risk.

2 through new financing correction equity structure.

investment in the project or the daily appointments, also found a variety of unreasonable ownership structure situation.

such as the average equity structure, the three partners each 1/3, or equity allocation is particularly unreasonable, such as the founder of the exclusive shares, the founder of the shares are very little or almost No.

why the ownership structure will be an average or exclusive situation, from the actual business situation, the partners together to start a business, it is difficult to quantify each partner early in the project

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