Stationmaster net daily broadcast where was Alipay financing information leaks provoke controversy

1 from the media looking for profit model: sustainable development is the value of

famous people from the media "ghost foot seven" blog "from the media, you can go far" sparked deep thinking on the media development model, the "fighting man" from the media people, how to persist, how to avoid jianglangcaijin, how to achieve sustainable "released every day" it is a difficult problem in front of them.

not only that, since the media development needs favorable earnings support, whether this support is from the media itself, or from the external financing, or from the media line of other operations, without financial support, since the media is also bigger, or do the quality, level. deputy editor in chief Li Mingyu told reporters: "China business" from the media profit or not, is observed since the media are the best development of the standard. In my opinion, only to achieve their own profitability and sustainable development, from the media can truly reflect the value of existence." However, this is precisely the current media insurmountable trap.

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2 beta version of micro-blog Sina media upgrade: rich media forms of information instead of micro-blog

news April 15th, concern Sina’s new media version of micro-blog today will be officially launched online, the first account for the media presentation and content aggregation upgrade.

Prior to

, a Sina micro-blog Tencent intends to follow the example of WeChat launched the public account features frequently heard rumors, but Sina said micro-blog, the outside world refers to the function is not the so-called "public account", but for the media version of micro-blog’s latest upgrades.

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3 where the network statement: for the 350 million financing report does not match the facts

April 15th news today, the "First Financial Daily" reported that, where was Baidu, Hillhouse capital, GGV capital has completed a new round of investment where the network, a total investment of $57 million (about 350 million yuan), and for the report, said in a statement where the network was inconsistent with the facts.


where to network statement: 350 million financing reports and facts do not match

where to get the network, such as the three largest investor Baidu $350 million note

4 Ma and Liu Qiangdong, the Chinese dream of the two into

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