One week news review Taxi software burn war or stop 38 Baidu Nuomi PK Taobao

A5 ( station network news review: a week around us all the time in a lot of changes, Internet news is continuously, Didi fast taxi software burn wars or cooling will stop; Baidu launched a new version of WeChat speed search mode; beta or will add a message to withdraw the function of Jingdong; on-line news online the wallet and so many, here we again review:

1 Baidu webmaster platform released in 2014 website operating trends report

Baidu webmaster platform recently released 2014 China website development trend report. The report shows that in 2013, the rapid growth in the number of mobile terminal sites, compared with an increase of 32% in 2012, PC wireless speed up, PC wireless networking site reached a proportion of 52%, compared with the previous year, an increase of 12%. China’s Internet environment has improved compared to 2012, the trend of low quality sites were suppressed, high-quality sites accounted for 42%, an increase of more than in 2012 of 17%.

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2 WeChat open payment interface: the rate of 0.6% lower than the Alipay 20 thousand


March 5th news, yesterday evening, WeChat officially announced earlier still in the beta phase of WeChat payment interface, now on WeChat certified service number fully open. Businesses need to apply for WeChat payment interface, first of all need to apply for a service number, and in the application of WeChat certification, signed a contract and pay a deposit, apply for the entire network release, you can open the WeChat payment capacity.

WeChat payment application process

At present, WeChat

payment determine for integrated mall, clothing shoes, bags, outdoor sports, beauty supplies, home textile, automobile and accessories, digital home appliances, books and other mother, about 10 large categories open WeChat payment application. WeChat’s first open to a relatively mature industry, the follow-up will be based on the operation of the platform to consider the gradual opening up to other industries. It is worth noting that local life service businesses have been popular in the WeChat open does not pay for the category.

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