My hard road

My name is a grass was born 87 years after 80     80 features full display in my body, independent personality   if I do not listen to his family 1 was the teacher advised to drop out at home playing games, after seeing others over the site the article is very interested in doing when the first free resources sharing site       domain name and space are bought with my gift money. It was very good   a day can have more than and 400 IP  I am very excited. Began to advertise everywhere because of the publicity on the IP advertising on the rich ~ I was most like in the * * website publicity. And I also added a * * edge station. Finally I’m in. The uncle of the Public Security Bureau arrested me at home. I will always remember that day. The first time I wore handcuffs. In the public security bureau to stay for 3 months.. In the cell was bullied, the cell asked the food!! I don’t have MUMAYI so good luck with a bunch of cheap to help him take care of the site, I go in, space and domain name are sealed.       out of that day. My family didn’t pick me up. They are hurt.   in fact, I do not hide everyone is a teacher. Grandpa and grandma are university teachers   mom and dad are high school and middle school teacher,   perhaps because they are teachers   so I grew up do not like to listen to the teacher

I want to do more

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