Alipay cross bank transfer to others t might not work

people’s Bank "Chinese non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (Draft)" was released it caused social controversy, although the central bank official said, quota management will not cause too much impact on the customer payment network, but yesterday BYD reporters carefully read the provisions found, if the comments the final release by customers in the use of online payment, especially mobile payment is still more or less trouble than now.

central bank issued yesterday, "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (Draft)", and to the public for comments. Whether it is the user, the third party payment companies or industry experts on the content of the draft put forward a negative view, and even raised to limit the third party payment will hinder the financial innovation, the height.

account procedures complicated

first customer accounts need more procedures to prove. The document stipulates that payment institutions to open payment accounts for customers, should be the real name system to manage customer registration, customer basic identity information, to verify the customer valid identity documents, according to the provisions of the retained valid Id photocopy, and by three (inclusive) above the legitimate security external channels of basic information on the client identity of multiple ensure effective cross validation to verify the identity of customers and real intention, not open anonymous, pseudonymous payment account.

according to the central bank explained that the specific verification channels including but not limited to the operation of public security, education, taxation and other departments and commercial banks, credit institutions and other units, can effectively verify the identity of customers basic information database or system.

now customers to open a network payment account, the general identity cards and bank cards and the presence of the bank and other information on the phone can be. If in accordance with the new regulations, in addition to identity cards and bank information, but also need to submit a certificate of education, tax or credit reports and other aspects of the proof, to say, I am me". This will not only increase the cost of running time for customers to run, but also may make those who have low education, low income, no credit card vulnerable people to use the Internet to pay.

Alipay not to bank card transfer

addition, future customers may not be able to use Alipay directly to the other bank card transfer. Documents: the payment agency for bank account to account transfer payment for customers, out of account shall be limited to the payment account name bank debit account; payment account to the bank debit account transfer handling, transferred to the account shall be limited to the customer designated one of my namesake bank debit account.

currently, Alipay can transfer from my account to another account, can also be directly to the bank card to others. In the future, if you do not know each other’s Alipay account, he will not be able to transfer. In life, it is inconvenient for those people without Alipay account. If he should accept others Alipay transfer, you must first register an account, bind a debit card can.

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