The owners of the house came down CHNAZ master server hardware failure

CHINAZ (China station) website recently "mingtu".

some time ago, CHINAZ site member system failure interrupted for several hours, this afternoon, a large-scale server hardware failure, until 23 p.m.. At the same time, many of its sites are affected, the site appears to open slowly. This should not be a simple server hardware failure, does not rule out the possibility of being attacked.

don’t know today CHINAZ site outage, the weight will affect the search engine. View the source code of the temporary bulletin page, it seems that the production of relatively rough, but also did not do anything to optimize the search engine is not friendly. Say again, like CHINAZ PR7 site, one day can restore the weight, we worry about it is superfluous.

below is the announcement:

welcome you to visit the home of the webmaster, the site is due to server hardware failure is maintained, please visit!


CHINAZ profile:

China station (CHINAZ.COM) was founded in March 2002, is a specialized technology for the size of website and resource service website, now has the largest source download center and the webmaster, webmaster community network aggregation, Download Center has become the domestic large-scale similar download station of downloads daily up to one hundred thousand over time, file downloads reserves amounted to more than 60G; the head of the community has hundreds of thousands of users, and published about one million technology related posts, the website also provides many features specifically for web services, within a few years have been hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized site provides services to hundreds of millions of times.

CHINAZ webmaster Yao Jianjun (A Fei), technical secondary school, he has ten million worth, can operate CHINAZ so well, it is not easy. Let us bless CHINAZ and


welcome friends broke the news.

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