People’s daily questioned Baidu can you get kicked out fake

recently, Wuhan police cracked the case of counterfeit drugs, let Baidu reoccurrence of bidding door: a box of fake drugs, the cost of 31 yuan, the final price of 660 yuan, of which high profits and decline into the pockets of selling counterfeit drugs, there are about 75% to the famous search website: Baidu. These selling counterfeit huadajiaqian Baidu bid, xiaojiannaodai to occupy the keyword search on the list of the top position flicker more consumers.

this news makes people feel deja vu. By the end of 2008, there are media reports, Baidu PPC search results lead to injustice, inferior false medicine ranking, misleading patients spend money, but also delay the illness. After a lapse of two years, it can not help but curious, how is the competitive ranking? How is Baidu


this PPC mode is reasonable, regardless; but people will ask: a so influential network platform, at least not selling counterfeit drugs become the stage


data show that the search engine has become China’s 250 million Internet users to query the entrance of massive information, a direct impact on the way people perceive the world. This makes the search engine has a considerable commonality. For Baidu such a Chinese occupy most of the market share of the search search company, authenticity of their advertising information, if you feel that you didn’t have a bit of responsibility, without examination, check the duty, who gave more money, just row forward, this is certainly a self smashing signs approach. Not only will the loss of public trust, and ultimately lose the competitive advantage of the risk.

so, Baidu has the appropriate capacity?

allegedly, after being exposed in 2008, Baidu advertisers conducted a comprehensive review of qualifications. Can be from the bidding point of view, Baidu’s review measures are not perfect enough. Of course, in the face of the need to deal with a huge amount of information and advertising every day, review and regulatory difficulty can be imagined; however, it is not difficult to. For example, should not be more strictly examine the qualifications of advertisers, especially for food, medicine and other consumer health and even affect the lives of advertising and information, the more attention should be more stringent review. At the same time, should establish an effective complaint, feedback system, so that consumers can illegal advertising, information complaints, the site to verify, timely processing. In this way, not only can make up for the audit leveraging vulnerabilities, but also to reduce the harm to consumers.

In addition to the identification problem of network

, fake ads and information, Internet companies need to take responsibility, to the letter, food and drug supervision departments jointly crack. How to form a strong linkage system, co management is particularly important.

of course, the self-discipline of enterprises can not solve all problems, effective discipline is indispensable. The problem of bidding ranking, the external mechanism of search engine industry development problems. Relevant departments and relevant associations should speed up the development of appropriate industry standards and laws and regulations to prevent similar problems from happening again

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