Webmaster network daily broadcast Facebook search has the advantage of Ali listed next year

1, sources said the fastest listed Alibaba group next year

sources, Alibaba group will be announced next week, the financing of $8 billion to complete the program, some of the proceeds will be used to redeem the shares held by YAHOO Ali 20%. Investment banking team has begun preparations for the overall listing of Alibaba group, if the market conditions improve, the listing plan has the opportunity to advance to next year.

According to the May

Alibaba group and YAHOO signed an agreement, YAHOO holds 40% equity investment by Ali, Ali will redeem 20%, another 10% in 2015, Ali group listed as a whole cash not later, the remaining shares in Alibaba group listed after disposal.

news said that the first batch of 20% shares for redemption of funds, Ali has recently been raised. $8 billion, $4 billion from bonds, $2 billion 500 million by issuing new shares to raise the remaining $1 billion 500 million through the issuance of convertible bonds financing.

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2, Facebook involved in the search has a unique advantage for the first time admitted that the misjudgment of mobile strategy

Mark · Zuckerberg attended the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, he announced at the meeting of Facebook traffic has reached 1 billion, the mobile phone Facebook officially denied the existence, and reveals the intention to develop the Facebook search engine.

Zuckerberg said: "we are now basically every day to deal with 1 billion inquiries. We have a unique advantage in answering user questions. One day we will launch its own search engine. One of our team is working on this." Insiders pointed out that, in view of all the information Facebook has been in a state of interconnection, the social networking site in the development of search engines than other startups have advantages. If a company has all the information can be used to answer user queries, then the remaining problem is how to display the answer.

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3, the Ministry of industry in order not to criticize the name of the vicious competition in the Internet

in the electricity supplier price war and 360 Baidu search crossfire and other industry events in the context of the controversial competition, the Ministry of industry, Deputy Minister of ice is not

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