Baidu PC input method public appearance committed to achieve open AP


Baidu input method interface (Tencent technology plan)


Baidu input method to install the interface (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco October 14th news, Baidu PC input method in the hearsay today for the first time exposure (official site, the installation package size is 13.7MB, according to the official website, Baidu Chinese input method using English multiphase, frame input, active learning habits, frequency correction, accurate input with "cloud computing" accurate identification of long sentences function.

it is understood that is different from the current input method will only download information from the server to the client, Baidu input method can search cloud services to the desktop, the user input the weather, stock code, do not have to open the browser will be able to obtain the. Such as computer network, when the local lexicon failed to meet user needs, cloud input function is automatically activated, request the calculation results to the cloud.

in the core IE browser (currently IE/360 browser / travel etc.) to open the search page, Baidu input method will automatically identify the search box, and take the initiative to "search" word mode: candidate by default from 5 to 9, and by the horizontal to vertical; the first candidate words direct input string matching local results, two to five candidates for the Baidu search engine that four results, local input method results of two to four to sixth to nine extended.

"search" word and search box results have suggested intelligent completion consistent form, and in the powerful "Box Computing" technical support, completion is more accurate, allowing users to search more convenient input.

in the "Expo" as an example, typing "Shibo" into the search box, the first "World Expo", the results of second to four words, respectively "World Expo" and "World Expo" and "World Expo tickets", "Expo official website".

Baidu search

input method currently can identify the search environment in addition to Baidu home page, Baidu search results page and other products outside of the box also includes a home page and the results of Google, Soso, Bing and Gougou, Sogou, Youdao and many other search brand page in the search box.



"handwriting input method" on Baidu search page (Tencent technology plan)

it is understood that Baidu input method will promote the implementation of open strategy, is committed to truly open API. In addition to the PC version of the input method, Baidu has also launched a handwritten input method". Baidu home search box next to the new handwritten link, click to start the handwriting input function.



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