Hackers do not reduce the threshold after 90 cited concern network crime

more than 30 thousand yuan in cash, the blink of an eye was transferred to the giant network account into a game currency. In March this year, Mr. Wang, who lives in Jiangsu, Xuzhou on the Internet inadvertently fall into a scam. With the scam was detected by the public security organs, including the Trojan, including the 58 suspects were successfully captured. These suspects, 22 years of age accounted for 90 percent of young people after the age of 90% to 90% of the total number of young people under the age of 40%.

net of Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment Jiangsu police officer told the China Youth Daily reporter, from the recently detected cases, Internet crime show the characteristics of younger age, "these young people are more interested in computer technology, expert in relative terms. They are on the Internet every day, no stable or legitimate economic sources, are doing odd jobs, it is easy to be guided on the criminal road".

"cloud" Trojan case

Mr. Wang is a Taobao shop seller, he and his customers in the online bargain, received a strange friend of the dialog box. The netizen claiming to recognize the person who pat the network company, can help Mr. Wang pat shop reputation. Subsequently, Mr. Wang received a software package to send each other, the users also seems to inadvertently tell Mr. Wang, the current Alipay promotions, recharge 100 yuan to 30 yuan, only for the night.

Mr. Wang immediately to your Alipay account hit 2000 yuan in the bank on the net, then suddenly jump out of a computer screen "giant account recharge" information. When Mr. Wang query Alipay account, but found no successful recharge. Found that when Mr. Wang decisive police.

originally, the suspect to the "pat new rules" in the name of the actual to send Mr. Wang is a new type of Trojan virus called "cloud". The process of the virus in the victim use net transfer, in the background of secret interception net transfer information, the victim is unaware of the situation, will the victim net funds in secret to the criminal suspect designated game account.

after investigation and tracking, Xuzhou police cracked the "cloud" Trojan theft gang, in the capital involved analysis after finishing the police found in less than two months, the "cloud" in the case of Trojan victim nearly 100 people, involving about 10000000 yuan.

Sue officer told reporters, using the Trojan theft of technology requirements are not too high, "they are not hackers, can only say two people write Trojan technology is also good, but to use horse will not too high technical requirements."

hackers to do to reduce the threshold of

in recent years, the use of cybercrime cases 90 is not uncommon. 90 Zhu Kaihua from 2010 onwards, the use of online banking vulnerabilities to steal credit card, cash 3 million yuan, finally, Zhu Kaihua found guilty of credit card fraud, the crime of impairing credit card administration punishment, was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months, fined 350 thousand yuan. 90 young Xiao Dongwei, the use of illegal network

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