Chinese user traffic by English AdSense advertising

      believe that the use of AdSense on their website friends had English display advertising, even web content for all Chinese, even if access to users from all China or Chinese area. Although there English advertising frequency may be different, although this kind of AdSense publishers is good or bad is controversial: some people think that English advertising price is relatively high, helps publishers overall revenue increase; while others found it hard to get English advertising click, will reduce the publisher income.

      however, what key, big profit or harm is not the key is, at least in my personal opinion, since the "most probably it did not actually happen" advertisements appear in the publisher ", then the resulting user clicks is lawful and effective, even if the user clicks on English China advertising — of course — or click on the Google situation of the exclusion of illegal, why were those English advertising distribution to a publisher’s web page? Even from the most good point of view, so that advertising can not generate revenue to occupy the AdSense publisher’s ad, Google also has a waste or abuse of the publisher’s advertising.

      recently, the Moonlight blog to participate in the Shenzhen Google AdSense optimization promotion conference after the information I was shocked (Quan Wen), especially this passage:

cited content:
there is not let users click on the flow English advertising Chinese, otherwise it is illegal, English advertising needs to be valid and click traffic.

      do not click on the Chinese users of English advertising will not only bring benefits to the publisher, but also as an illegal, affecting the safety of AdSense account? This is some fantastic.

      AdSense Chinese of publishers, in fact can not let English ads appear on their website, as long as the English advertising language selection will not set Chinese Webpage excluded, as long as AdSense, content relevance – no matter how, and in the bidding to seize the position of the advertisement we will show in Chinese publisher page. Does Google require Chinese publishers to monitor the presence of advertising, found that the presence of English will be added to the competitive advertising filter to shield? This is a bit too funny? The competitive advertising filter is just not enough to set up 200 items.

      when English advertising publishers in the Chinese page, then there must be "flow English click advertising" China users may click to rate — while not on the table, but if this "is illegal" >

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